Poem by Jessica Laser





When my woman says hello
She says what can I get you.

I had no time to peruse the menu.
I was lost in thought and English

Came last, after German, French,
And Dante with no mirror page.

I decided then that to eat
Would be fine, but to decide the dish

Translation. Croatia lost to Brazil.
I went to my room to make sure of

Everything, as I often needed.
There you were absurdly, suddenly

A parrot on my knee. Your plume
Fired in the background.

To see you
So upset me

I would have learned a new language
If it meant in English to disconnect my knee.

Between two other, similar versions
Not in the same translation

I found in myself the lyric I looked for.
I found it with its moral intact.

A poet must heat to song in the dark
Lest reckoned the pot he died to see boil.





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